Our second exhibition features eight American and one Scottish artist all working within the field of contemporary painting: Ted Gahl (US), Joseph Hart (US), John Roebas (US), Steven Cox (UK), Bill Saylor (US), Ryan Wallace (US), Clare Grill (US), Jesse Littlefield (US) and Sofia Leiby (US).

With vastly different aesthetics and languages of expression, these nine artists might seem inhomogeneous at first. However, when confronted with their work as a whole links of technique, texture and narrative appear. Their non-uniform style in painting creates a vulnerable and volatile power structure within the exhibition itself that serves as the nerve and title of the exhibition. From the aggressive expressionistic painting of Bill Saylor to the calm yet vibrant univers of Ted Gahl and delicate paperworks of Joseph Hart, this constellation of painters are balancing unapologeticly in between form, structure and color in modern abstraction.