Galleri Jacob Bjørn and Jens-Peter Brask are pleased to present the group show ‘Untitled’ and the four artists Anthony Miler, Rune Bosse, Robert Davis and Scott Campbell.


The steel-framed tattooed pigskins of American artist Scott Campbell (US, 1977) make for a striking first act. Pieced together by multiple smaller pieces of skin, each work is a meticulous composition of typical tattoo iconography and lettering. Repetition, contrast and paradox are key elements in his critical/ironic style and gives off a sense of playfulness – not to be mistaken for lack of intellectual depth.


A similar play on the conventions of painting is found in the work of Robert Davis (US, 1970). Sometimes on canvas, sometimes on leather, he creates abstract compositions based on fluids or powders that all belong in the category of stimulants. Coffee, tobacco, whiskey, beer and even poppy oil – a reference to opium – have saturated the canvas/leather, often on par with typical consumption methods. Cigarette ash goes well with whiskey, beer is all over the place and coffee should be applied several times.


Ranging from Henry Matisse to the Cobra-movement, the references in Anthony Miler’s (US, 1982) graphite drawings are many. His large works have a tableau-like feeling, with one or more human figures often being the main elements. Without ever gliding into clear definitions, topics like sexuality, death and other basic urges seem recurrent.


Rune Bosse (1987, DK) presents a series of crisp and minimal conceptual photographs. On a pitch black background, each work presents a desaturated plant or flower. Apart from the aesthetic qualities of the plant, it serves as a vessel for the artist’s memories of his state of mind and sensory impressions at the time of collecting it. Stored in a chloride solution, the plant is both preserved and made transludent.