The exhibition To Define and Punish features ten young European artists: Adrian Buschmann (GER), Bernhard Buff (GER), Michael Fanta (AT), Karine Fauchard (F), Julie Gufler (DK), Toke Flyvholm (DEN), Michèle Pagel (DEN), Thea Moeller (GER), Lazar Lyutakov (BG) and Mads Westrup (DEN).

With a few exceptions, all are students or alumni from Akademie der Bildenden Künste (Daniel Ricther Klasse) in Vienna – by many considered the leading art academy in Europe. From Mads Westrup’s naïve sports car paintings to Karine Fauchard’s ethced paper works and Bernhard Buff’s beautiful slingshot sculpture the works are all highly demanding and thus worth experiencing up close. We’re excited about this powerful showcase of young European talent.

To Define and Punish

By the end of Winter, I placed the weight on my toes not to steal a march on the seasons.

Elsewhere, Spring’s tender breaches were attended by the wild applause of those amongst the score gathered inside a tall European building; this was a consequence of cold hands and unfamiliar faces joined. In a muddy attempt to fill out the space between own truths and other people’s furniture, each had walked back and forth; between the newly painted surfaces, between intentions and tall buildings, arms in the air for four straight weeks of lifting. But in the cracks of the earth, they had found an alibi in favour of shifting those arms to the horizon and forwards in order to choke the air, which kept them apart, in a worldwide crash....

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