Join us this friday for the opening of the group exhibition 'These Walls' with fIve exciting Scandinavian artists: Jan S. Hansen, Astrid Myntekær, Theis Wendt, Andreas Emenius and Andreas Albrectsen. 'These Walls' is a story of the invisible, the untold and the unnoticed.

Hansen presents abstract ceramic masks and cyanotype linen works with his usual sense of quiet, chimeric drama. Myntekær's cactus installation (don't touch!) is only readible under ultra-violet light. Albrectsen has traversed Europe and transferred historic bullet holes to paper – speciments of a soon endangered species, we hope. Emenius paints abstract female bodies – and appearently also his own t-shirt. And Theis Wendt has created a series of cast aluminum sculptures that speak of corrosion, time, material and weight.