MAY 11-JUNE 8 2019

by Aimee Walleston
“Honey, this is honey, the speech of thy tongue is honey; in my mouth lives the honey of the bee, in my teeth lives peace.” —Deccan Hindu vow
Honeybees make love to the world. They can do nothing more or less than this. Humans follow suit, only they’re not aware of this yet. They think they destroy the world. Sometimes this is true. According to Hindu prophecy, we are in the time of the Kali Yuga—an epoch of nihilism and annihilation, where humans are alienated from their true divine nature. Like a forest fire, humans scorch the earth. Like a forest fire, ash then nourishes soil, creating a womb to cultivate new life.
Over the past ten years, New York-based artist Nick Theobald has made art from beeswax. This medium has its own life, and its own energetic resonance—bees consume honey, which is then metabolized into wax and secreted from their bodies. This wax is chewed to a soft texture by the bees, and subsequently reconstruct...

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