The young Danish artist Søren Sejr has always worked within the classic painting. With varying levels of abstraction, his works for this exhibition are all nature morte compositions with vases and flowers as the central element. However, with a clear sense of urgency in color as well as composition, his paintings invites the viewer into a critical state of conflict between control and impulse, aesthetics and pragmatics. At Galleri Jacob Bjørn we're very excited to present his biggest ever solo exhibition – and by far his most potent works so far.


A simple representation of vases and flowers, it seems, is the initial agenda of each of the artworks. But a pull towards the perfect composition dominates Sejrs proces, and the canvas is soon overtaken by visual counterweight, compensation and other visual supplements, that ruthlessly invade the original figuration. So while the nature morte-motife might seem unassuming and traditional, the aesthetic ideal in Sejrs works is eerily treacherous.