The group exhibition Media is curated by renowned Danish collector and curator Jens-Peter Brask. Works from Nick Theobald (US), Martin Aagaard Hansen (DK), Jennie Jieun Lee (US) and Ryan Schneider (US) is on display in this rather large exhibition, filling both our gallery spaces. The works range from acryllic and oil paintings over wax compositions to ceramic sculptures, providing both a title and an obvious starting point for experiencing these fantastic artists.

The dripping beeswax sculptures of Nick Theobald, the tribal mythology in Ryan Schneider’s acryllic paintings, the vulnerable expressions on the glazed stoneware masks by Jennie Jieun Lee and the scraped and bleeched ink fantasies of Martin Aagaard Hansen. The group exhibition ‘Media’ is abundant with materials and genres. But this is easily matched by the interstellar distance between the four aesthetic worlds of these inspiring young artists.