Peter Mohall’s art is clean, conceptual and impressive. His take on the myth and integrity of the painted brushstroke is the eponymous and primary concept of this exhibition, where two different series of brushstroke-themed works invites the viewer into a discussion about honesty, irony and anticipation.

In the flat gradient brushstrokes series, Mohall creates illusions of multi-colored brushstrokes, that freely and intuitively is left on the canvas. Mohall applies a multicultured layer of oil paint on the canvas. Before finally covering the entire canvas in white paint, he leaves a few strokes of hot, liquid wax. By melting the wax, the brush strokes appear on what seems to be a white backdrop.

We find a simpler, but equally inticing approach in the molded brushstrokes series. Mohall makes a silicone casting mold from a large and very fat acrylic brushstroke. Replicas of that one original stroke is made out of an acrylic compound, and Mohall arranges spray-painted replicas on a raw or white canvas. 

A small series of oversized brushstrokes completes the exhibition. And original brushstroke has been scanned, resized and 3D-printed in order to create a very large silicone casting mold. These impressive wall-mounted sculptures work individually or as a triptych on a large wall.