Galleri Jacob Bjørn is pleased to present the solo exhibition "Affix" by the Norwegian artist Dolk.

Every piece I make has multiple layers. For better or for worse, my works are imbued with observations and references whether the pubic notices or not. My main concern is the manner in which I express these references. Every person who looks at my work has a personal opinion. I draw inspiration from all walks of life. If all you want is surface, that’s fine, but my ambition is to make people aware of all the underlying substances.

When I order a “canvas” made of lacquered aluminum, I ask for perfection at all levels. When I scratch them up it is an affront to the people who have gone to extreme lengths to satisfy my demands. I find this provocation very interesting. What they have spent days and weeks to bring to perfection I destroy through a singular action and thereby, as I see it, make it perfect.

The artist lives and works in Bergen, Norway.

        Opening hours:


Thursday                12am–5pm

Friday                      12am–5pm

Saturday                 11am–3pm

phone: + 45 23 24 56 64
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